Types of French Press Coffee Makers

A French press is also known as a coffee plunger, a coffee press or a cafetière. It claims that it produces the yummy coffees with finest coffee bean flavors. Best French Press is capable of making exceptional, delicious coffee by extracting most of the coffee bean flavors within a very tiny brewing time. Obviously it is not the slowest or the fastest method of making coffee. We cannot keep our hands of the device too, but it is definitely not difficult. The best French Press coffee makers are available in different models starting from the Bodum models to the most affordable IKEA Upphetta.

One of the most popular French Press Coffee Makers available in the market is bodum. The bodum Chambord is using stainless steel and glass materials and it lets you make 8 cups of coffee with restaurant quality as the materials of Chambord offers no interaction with the coffee beans. Next the well admired best French Press Coffee Maker is Grosche. Grosche Madrid comes with a distinctive and eye catching design to capture the heart of coffee lovers. Its stainless steel filter and the secondary filter ensures coffee without any grounds and that is why it is one of the best French press available in the market.

ESpro press with its stunning and sleek look is known as the king of French press. Espro with its double micro patent-pending filters offers 9 -12 times finer filtering quality than the ordinary French press. The grinds are filtered twice and ensures all flavors are extracted. The stainless walls inside the Espro will keep your coffee hot always. The UPPHETTA with is affordable price and easy cleaning stands out as well. Now go and make bolder, finest delicious coffee with best French press coffee makers.