Types of Impact Drivers

There are two things you need to consider when deciding on the right impact driver to purchase. The first is the size of the project you want to use the tool on. And the second is the type of material you’re using. Different impact drivers have been constructed for different purposes after all.

So, to help you make your decision on which is the best impact driver to buy, I’ve created this in-depth list. These impact driver reviews will really help you choose the best one for you.

Let’s get into it…

Corded Electrical Impact Driver

Corded impact drivers are definitely not as popular nowadays as cordless impact drivers. And for good reason too. With wires in the way you pretty much have to be near a plug socket. That really puts a limit on what you can do.

It used to be that if you wanted a powerful tool you’d have to plug it in. That’s not required anymore. The batteries placed in cordless impact drivers are getting more and more powerful. The hours that they last now before they need charging is much longer than they’ve ever been.

Cordless Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are growing and growing. They are becoming stronger and more powerful with each passing year. There are two major types to look out for and that really depends on the level of work you’re looking to do.

Heavy Duty

If you work in construction or you’re considering doing some serious remodelling to your house , you’re going to want a heavy duty impact driver. These have way more power that can be targeted to help you complete a job in a short amount of time. They can work on harder materials too. This means they work break easily when you’re driving a screw or bolt into a tough material.

Light Duty

Light duty impact drivers are perfect for those little jobs you come across around the house. Don’t let the lightweight part put you off they can still pack a pretty decent punch. They’re just simply aimed at the types of materials you’d find at home and not an at a construction site let’s say.